The Master of Science in Maritime Science is an inter-university programme developed by Ghent University (UGent) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).
It aims at students from diverse academic backgrounds, who have a common passion for maritime transport and already hold a Master degree. People working in the maritime sector may also benefit from the programme to enhance their knowledge and skills. The programme comprises three main pillars: a technical/general pillar, an economic/logistic pillar and a legal pillar, and follows the multidisciplinary approach which makes it unique in the global academic landscape.

The relationship between ecology and economy? Try holding your breath while counting your money!
An Cliquet (professor)
Theory, recent advances and practice are brought together in an inspiring and interactive way.
Cathy Macharis (professor)
By studying the law of the sea, you acquire knowledge about a legal system that applies to more than 70 % of the earth’s surface. No other legal system can give you that kind of satisfaction!
Erik Franckx (professor)
This challenging and thought-provoking programme enhanced my knowledge of the maritime industry in all its aspects and inspired me to pursue a career in this field. I received the unconditional support of the teaching staff.
Yujin Ji (student)
According to Gnaeus Pompeius: To navigate is necessary, to live is not.
Marc De Decker (professor)
Take the time during the master to explore what you like and what you want to do after your student years.
Céline Degroote (student)

The programme is taught by experts with international acknowledgement and experience. The strong interaction with the maritime sector through guest lectures and field trips provides students with up-to-date information on ports and shipping.

All courses are offered in English, as the maritime sector operates in an international environment. It is therefore essential that students are able to use the English terminology in a correct and efficient way.