Housing facilities

There are two ways to find suitable housing: through university housing or through the private market

University housing

Ghent University has several student residences throughout the city. They offer cheap and safe housing in a community atmosphere. All rooms are furnished and have sanitary facilities (toilets and showers). There are communal kitchens. Monthly rent is about 380-450 EUR and is all-inclusive (water, heating, electricity and linen). During the academic year there is a student restaurant either in the residence or in its immediate vicinity. Please note that the study programme is not involved in the University housing. University housing is under the full and independent authority of the University’s housing department.
Details on University housing

Private housing

Another possibility is to rent a room on the private market. Prices vary roughly between 380 euro and 550 euro per month. To find private housing, you can ask for assistance at the UGent housing department (see below). Of course you are free to check the private market and make your own arrangements. Please note that if you arrange your own accommodation, the university cannot provide assistance in assuring your reservation.
Details on private housing

Planning your arrival

Upon confirmation of their participation, admitted students will receive a guide containing detailed information and instructions for the preparation of their stay in Ghent.

The guide extensively covers issues such as housing, insurance and travel.

Maps and directions

How to reach Ghent law school

Arrival at Brussels Airport (Zaventem)
There is a railway station at the sub-level of the airport. Plenty of indications at baggage pick up and plenty of trains to Ghent. Just check the railway timetables.

Arrival in Ghent by train
There are several buses and trams leaving from the station to various directions.

You have an information desk in front of the station to ask for the best suitable service for your destination. In order to reach Ghent Law School you can take a tram. In front of the train station several trams go towards the “Centrum‟: Tram 1 until stop "Korte Meer"; Universiteitstraat is the first street on the right.

You can also take a taxi outside the railway station. As the station is located near the city centre, it should only be a short and inexpensive drive to your destination.Ghent Law School is located at the Universiteitstraat 4-6, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

The main administrative building of Ghent University, the Rectorate, is located at the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Ghent, and is within walking distance from Ghent Law School.

How to reach Brussels law school

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