Master of Science in Maritime Science



The programme is built on a methodical framework, consisting of two course types: compulsory courses (39 CP) and optional courses (6 CP). The compulsory courses represent the core of the programme, while the optional courses offer students a way of exploring possible future (career) paths and allow for specialization in a certain aspect of the maritime world. The three pillars are represented in both course types. The courses are supplemented by the submission of a master’s thesis on a maritime or transport oriented topic (15 CP). In this written dissertation, students prove their ability to analyse a specific topic thoroughly and independently. At an oral presentation, students have the opportunity to clarify their research and defend their findings.

technical-general content

The technical-general content of the programme covers the typical technical infrastructure and facilities in ports, the scientific and technical principles that govern ships and contemporary problems ports may encounter.


Compulsory courses:

– Ship Technology

– Port Technology

– Contemporary Port Problems

– Study Trip and Field Trips


Optional courses:

– Spatial Analysis of Maritime

and Port Development

– Port Planning

– Port History

economic-logistic content

The economic-logistic content of the study programme intends to familiarize students with the unique economic character of maritime transport, which is

a global phenomenon with very specific dynamics. Therefore it is crucial that students learn about the economic principles that govern and affect port

authorities, shipping companies and transport firms.


Compulsory courses:

– Transport Economics and Policy

– Maritime and Port Economics

– Supply Chain Management


Optional courses:

– Urban Mobility and Logistics

– Transport Business Economics

– Sustainable Mobility and Logistics’


legal content

The legal content of the programme aims at gaining an in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of maritime transport.


Compulsory courses:

– Law of the Sea

– Maritime Law

– Transport Law


Optional courses:

– Law of the Sea: Special Issues

– International and European River Law

– Transport Insurance Law

– International and

European Biodiversity  Law

– Air Law






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